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I am at a loss for words after reading the reviews for other stores that are considered to be my competition. Some of them were quite positive, and I got to hand it to the companies out there who are treating customers right and building themselves a reputable brand. Since I know there's room in the industry for all of us, best of luck to them.

Then there are those that gave me the idea for this blog post. I want to address that these reviews reinforced a warning to myself what to watch out for as I start growing this business. Here is a list of policies I have drawn up to steer clear of having the issues the other warehouse stores are having with their customers.

You don't need a membership to browse through the showroom.

Our warehouse is not a trip hazard, and you don't have to sign a release form waiving liability.

If I'm holding a product for you until you arrive, you can expect that it will be waiting for you, not sold to someone else while you were in transit.

You won't have to wait weeks for delivery, so there will be no excuses as to why it didn't come in.

If you do opt for delivery, you can expect it the same day, or within a day or two at your convenience. 

I own all the product I sell, and nothing has to be ordered for shipment to the store. If I don't have it in stock, it's not for sale until it is in stock.

I do not drop ship from China, or from anywhere for that matter.

Though an oversight can happen, as nothing is ever 100% fool-proof, I have implemented an inspection and testing process that eliminates the likelihood of a part being missing or broken without full disclosure.

If for any reason my inspection and testing process fails to catch a glitch in your purchased product, I will gladly fix, replace, or refund it. 

Regarding the last point on this list, out of hundreds of treadmills sold over the last couple years, I have gone on site to repair two treadmills, and refunded for a third (all worked fine when they left the shop).

I don't want to scare you into thinking you could receive the 1% that doesn't work (it's typically a wire coming loose during transport that needs to be re-attached). But I do want to stress that you should never have to regret your buying decision. 


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