Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accept less, or is the price negotiable?
Yes, however, any negotiated price honored is subject to an "as is" sale, with no refunds at the discretion of the seller.

Will you deliver to my area?
Personal delivery is subject to a geographical region in and around the I-275 beltway in the Greater Cincinnati area. Your neighborhood may be assigned to a specific day of the week. Contact me for special circumstances.

WIll you meet me half way?
Yes, I do this quite frequently for customers who live in areas just outside of the metro. If you live in Mt, Orab, Wilmington, Batesville IN, Dry Ridge KY, or the like, I am happy to meet you in a public well-lit parking lot.

Do you deliver to Dayton?
Dayton, Kentucky?, Yes. Dayton, Ohio? On occasion. I have business up there once every week or two and if you're willing to wait for one of my trips there, I am happy to deliver to you in Dayton. Meeting half way (ie, Monroe exit) is usually an option also.

If we are meeting somewhere, what do I put in for the delivery address?
When ordering online, choose a business with an open, well-lit parking lot on Google Maps and record the address into the order form. Be sure to enter the correct billing address in its respective form field though.

Do you offer same day delivery?
Yes, however I have set the form to allow 24 hours notice so that I have time to plan for unexpected orders. If you prefer same day delivery, please text 513-225-5711 or message me on facebook to coordinate a specific time I am available. I cannot guarantee that I will always be available every single day, however.

Can I pick up the product now?
Maybe. Text me at 513-225-5711 or message me on Facebook to see if I am available.

Where do I pick up my item?
The warehouse is located at 7841 Palace Dr. in Sycamore Township, just off Kemper Rd in the Blue Ash Commerce Center. If picking up a large item, you can back your vehicle up to the loading ramp. If the overhead door is not open than please text 513-225-5711 to let us know you have arrived. For smaller items the front entrance in the main parking lot will be fine. 

Can I pay with cash?
Yes, cash is an option on the payment page. Please put in the notes if you need change back. For driver's safety, one will not carry more than $15 at any given time on a delivery before the sale.

Can I make payments?
Yes, there is a payment plan option when spending over a certain amount, based on current promotions. See the shopping cart or check-out page for details after adding a qualifying item or items to your cart.

I use a service called Partial.ly, that will coordinate the payments. Click the Partial.ly button in the shopping cart to set up a payment plan. This is better than layaway, because you can come get your product without having to wait.

What other forms of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Venmo are accepted. CashApp is accepted in person.

How do I pay with CashApp?
To order online and pay with CashApp, select cash as the payment option and pay using the app as you normally would.

Do you take trades?
Very rarely. But I may put up a list of items in demand that I may trade for at some point. If you have something with a street value at least 25% more than the product you're interested in, I may consider it.

How do I return a product?
See the return policy for details. 

Do you offer discounts if I buy multiple items?
Yes, I frequently run promotions and send out discount codes to subscribers.