About Us

In 2003, Jeff was certified through the International Sports Sciences Association as a fitness trainer, and rather than taking on clients, he used his professional sales background to find himself as a manager at one of the largest health clubs in the metro area at the time.

Combined with his people skills and knack for learning, instead of the high pressure tactics that commercial gyms are typically known for, Jeff took to helping prospective members match the right equipment for their tailored workouts. Years later, in 2012, he found an opportunity to liquidate furniture as a side income. The two industries melded together when exercise equipment was added to his catalogue after a brief recess some years afterward, and became a mainstay. As the business grew, so did the product offering.

Today Front Porch Deals provides some of the best pricing on new-in-box and pre-assembled unused merchandise, which has expanded to other types of sporting goods, small appliances, and other household items. Recently added to the repertoire of goods is what Jeff calls The Scrapyard, a collection of OEM replacement parts for a variety of product lines.

Made possible by buying up truckloads of store returns at deep discounts and passing on the savings, Front Porch Deals has been a win-win for both Jeff and his customers.

Jeff can be reached most easily on Facebook Messenger or by text at 513-225-5711.You can visit Front Porch Deals to browse in person on the weekends in the Blue Ash Commerce Center at 7841 Palace Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio. You can also set an appointment for an off-hours visit anytime.